Dove Tattoos

Dove Tattoos can symbolize a number of things to a number of people; a dove may carry the traditional meaning of peace, the religious meaning of the Holy Spirit, or may carry messages of hope, innocence and purity.
Many people like to use the literal translation of this peaceful bird, while others prefer to use a more bold version. Realistic dove tattoos generally feature a black and white, or skin toned bird in flight, occasionally carrying an olive branch, or flower in its beak. They may be shown on their own, sketched inside an outdoor scene, or flying free from a pair of outstretched hands. The bolder equivalent will often have vivid colors, such as blue or even multicolored wings, and frequently feature brightly hued symbols like roses, flames or stars.
Dove tattoos can be placed in a unique setting. One idea would be a stained glass dove. You can create something that appears similar to a stained glass window, with a varying array of colors; in the center you could place Picasso’s “Dove of Peace.” You could also go for a more arresting version of this design, and have it appear to be bursting through a circular pane of glass, the glass being in shards of sunny colors. Many people also like to create dove tattoos that are akin to the 1950′s diving swallow. The swallow was said to be tattooed upon a sailor’s chest, so that if he should drown at sea, his soul would be carried to the heavens. If a dove replaces a swallow in this particular tattoo design, it could very well be a symbol of protection and a peaceful journey to the afterlife. This design may also feature recognizable 50′s symbols; it may be surrounded by nautical stars or carry a bright red bunch of cherries in its beak.
Dove tattoos may also carry eloquent messages of love. Given that this particular bird mates for life, it is not uncommon to see a design featuring two doves laying close together in a newly built nest. You can also feature a dove on each shoulder carrying a banner with dates and names. The names may be those of loved ones, and dates can range from marriage date, to the date of newly born children.
For most people, when seeing a dove it is hard to think of it as simply being another bird. The many signs this creature bears make it one of the most significant symbols in tattoo art.

Dolphin Tattoos

For many people, Dolphin Tattoos may symbolize several things; wisdom, freedom and even a love for the open waters. Women and men everywhere are beginning to take a great liking to this design, especially those who have an affinity for the ocean and all the life within it.
One of the most popular images for dolphin tattoos is the appearance of a dolphin leaping forth from a spray of water. One interesting variation to this device is giving a portion of the skin the look of an undulating body of water, while the head of the dolphin appears to push its way through the surface.
Dolphin tattoos may also showcase an assortment of symbols and patterns. Rather than using realistic waves, you can include blue tribal designs, or even scrollwork waves. There is a variety of symbolism that can be used, such as dolphins encircling a globe within a tide pool; bicolored dolphins enmeshed to create a yin yang symbol; or even a Celtic knot, with three tails joined in the center. Boldly colored dolphins can also create a unique heart emblem, with fins meeting, bodies curved and noses touching in the appearance of a kiss.
Dolphin tattoos are frequently seen in a cartoon style. However, some people prefer to use a more realistic approach and create something akin to a portrait. For those with a more scientific interest, recreating the anatomical structure that can be seen in nearly any marine biology book may make for a unique take on dolphin tattoos. The divergent skeletal structure of these creatures may also make for an interesting twist on both dolphin and skeletal tattoos.
Given that many people get dolphin tattoos because of a personal bond or attraction they feel with them, you may also use the ‘man and beast’ style of art. This could be depicted as a human swimming in step with this mammal, or the fusion of the swimming man with the dolphin; either man becoming dolphin, or vice versa.
So whether your fondness for this design is due to aesthetic interest, or it is because of a more personal link, dolphin tattoos will show your engaging spirit and remain a reminder to enjoy your life and your freedom.

Dog Tattoos

For many centuries, and in many cultures, the image of a Dog Tattoos has been the emblem for a loyal and jovial spirit. They have also been seen as the protectors and companions of man. Dog Tattoos are often meant to be a symbol of this; they are meant to show either these qualities in the wearer’s own personality, or their love of the animal itself.

Many Dog Tattoos are culled from real life images. These are often of the wearer’s own pet, and are usually done in a portrait style. Quite commonly, these pieces show the image of a dog in action; that is, running through a field, jumping to catch a ball, or rolling around on the ground. Sometimes these depictions are more aggressive and show the dog growling, perhaps even foaming at the mouth, or on the verge of attacking. Sometimes this
style is used as something of a memorial to a pet that has died, and show only the head, neck and shoulders alongside a name and possibly dates.

Some dog tattoos feature a more cartoon-like style. The features of the animal in this design tend to be more exaggerated, and they frequently exhibit human attributes. One of the most commonly used images show a goofy beast with large, shining eyes, pricked up ears, and a long tongue. A more aggressive variation is also popular, and is favored when creating an amalgamation between animal and human. They sometimes show a large, muscular upper body, and small, bent legs dressed in boots and blue jeans, often wielding a weapon.

You may also use a more elegant style of dog tattoos. These images range from simple outlines to something akin to the brilliantly colored Chinese Fu dogs. Fu (or foo) dogs are a few closely related breeds that resemble the ancient guardian lions of China. For this image you could take the visage of a chow chow (said to be the original model for the guardian lion), pekingese or even a pug, and create a male and female pair with large eyes, streaming mane and a ferocious expression. These are usually done in bold colors of reds, yellows, blues and sometimes greens. However, for a slight variation, you could use the natural colors of your preferred breed, and perhaps set off the natural hues with a vivid flash of red flame, or blue lightening in the background.

Although dog tattoos can feature a favored breed, they are most commonly used to express a special bond felt with a particular furry and endearing beast.

Death Tattoos

Death Tattoos seem very ominous to most people. But ask anyone who deals with symbolism and they will tell you that death often represents the cycle of life. Death tattoos may not only be a symbol of the life cycle, or an image of Grim Reaper. They may also be a memorial to a lost loved one.
An example of this may be either a color or monotone portrait of a relative, friend, or even a well loved pet. These images may have symbols that are a reminder of the life of this individual and may also bear the dates of birth and death, and occasionally a poem or a quote that has a significant meaning.
Some people decide to use more esoteric images when choosing their death tattoos. A good example of this would be the tarot card which represents death. Though under certain circumstances this can be translated literally, the traditional meaning is a representation of a person being brought to his lowest form in life, only to be brought back up. This is a symbol of transformation. Although there are many variations of this card, one of the most recognizable images is that of a skeletal figure walking through a bone garden, trying desperately to reach the sunrise at the other end. It is important to remember when choosing a placement for this design that many tarot readers believe that a card drawn upside down bears the opposite meaning.
There are many symbols that may be used in death tattoos. These symbols can be a signifier of the passing of time such as clocks, hour glasses and candles. Some may be animals that have long been associated with death such as crows, vultures and bats. Some people prefer religious symbols such as gods like Ptah and Osiris, who governed the afterlife. In Buddhism, the wheel is a symbol of reincarnation; in Christianity, the visage of an angel is a symbol of lost spirits finding their way into heaven.
Many people also like to use images from the Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico. Skeletal figures are often used in these death tattoos, and they are usually quite colorful. Many of the colors used in these designs have a special meaning; purple signifies mourning, pink celebration, white for hope, and so on. An interesting image that may be used is the picture of a skeleton swathed in orange and red ribbon, walking up a path of marigold petals to its alter.
There are many reasons to get a tattoo of death. Most likely, though, these reasons will be less about actual death, and more about your understanding and appreciation for your life and the lives of those you hold dearest.

Cartoon Tattoos

When it comes to understanding why someone would want to get Cartoon Tattoos on their body, you have to look deeper than just the fact that it is a cartoon. While most people would see cartoons as something childish, for those who get Cartoon Tattoos they generally have a deeper meaning behind them. Some people will pick something like the Tasmanian devil busting through a wall to represent their strength and their ability to get through any obstacle in life. When it comes to Cartoon Tattoos you really have to see that there is generally a lot more going on than just someone thinking a character is cute or appealing.
A special cartoon character may represent something that he or she used to share with their parents when they were young. Maybe it is the favorite character of a deceased child and that is why he or she decided to go with that particular cartoon tattoo design. Either way, know that there is often a fine story behind cartoon tattoos that are seen on a lot of people. All you have to do is ask about it and you will probably be fascinated or impressed by what you hear. Once you hear a few personal stories you will probably look at cartoon tattoos in a whole new light.
In the end you may be surprised to find yourself being a little interested in getting a few cartoon tattoos of your own. Find your own special meaning and reason behind it and you will have something to cherish forever. Just make sure that it is special and meaningful to you so that you will never look back and regret your decision. Cartoon tattoos can be playful, fun, but still hold a tremendous amount of meaning.

Biker Tattoos

When most people think of bikers, they think of the menacing biker Tattoos gangs. There is no doubt that over the years there has sprouted a rather romantic image of what a biker is, but the truth is, these outlaws only make up about 1% of bikers, while the rest are simply enthusiasts. But from the overblown rumors of biker gangs, it is understandable why a lot of people are a bit leery when it comes to biker Tattoos. But to the abundance of enthusiasts, biker Tattoos are merely an expression of the exhilaration and freedom they feel from the open road.
One of the most popular of biker tattoos is the brand logo. Many people like to use them to express their preference, and a good deal of them use the Harley Davidson logo. These are often surrounded by other recognizable idols such as wings, flames and occasionally even flags. You can also create a badge design with all of the symbols available. A snake wrapped around a flaming skull is a good example of this.
You can also create a scene with these images. A portrait of a young man or woman lounging against a motorcycle; a skeletal figure leaning into the handlebars as he barrels down the road, leaving a trail of fire behind him. Many people also favor the use of a scantily clad pinup model in their biker Tattoos. These figures add a contrast of soft sensuality to the raw power of the machine that they are draped over.
Many of the Tattoos you see worn freely today got their start as biker tattoos. Looking at it that way it should be easier to understand and appreciate these designs, not to mention make them your own.

Biomechanical Tattoos

Biomechanical tattoos are reemerging. This extremely popular style of tattoo has been evolving since the 1980s. This form of tattooing portrays an enmeshing of the life with the mechanical. It gives what lurks beneath. The trompe l’oeil style (French for “trick of the eye” is an art technique that utilizes extremely realistic imagery to simulate a three-dimensional object.) lends itself to biomechanical tattoo pieces.

Visualize a small tear in your skin and instead of seeing flesh and blood you have a titanium skeleton, or mechanical levers where your tendons should be. Biomechanical tattoos show our hidden potential. They can show our true colors.

Some early inspiration for the style of biomechanical tattoos came from the art of illustrator H.R. Geiger. Geiger is a famous creature designer. Some of his more renowned creatures are showcased in the Alien series of movies. Geiger’s illustrations, usually dark, reflected in the coloring of early Bio-Mech tattoos. The most common colors for these early pieces were usually black and gray. They lent themselves to the robotic style of Geiger and allowed the tattooist to better blend the metal with flesh and give a realistic effect to the tattoo.

But times have changed and as our perception of ourselves matures so does our appreciation of the vibrancy life holds. We appreciate color and full color biomechanical tattoos are becoming extremely popular. These days we may have multicolored butterflies “in” our stomachs. A tiny tear in our skin could reveal the overwhelming intense light of our true spiritual being.

Biomechanical tattoos are a popular choice for large and small tattoos. The designs flow very well with the arm and are beautiful as half or full-sleeve pieces. They also do well as large pieces on the back, calves, and thighs. They are equally at home as discrete smaller tattoos; a small tattoo on the shoulder or chest that permits a “peek” at what you are really like inside can be incredibly sexy.

If you are thinking of getting your first tattoo maybe you’d like to give the rest of us a little sneak peek at what you are made up of. Maybe you have a creature under your skin trying to get out. Perhaps you are made up of plastic tubes and microchips, or cogs and wheels. Maybe there is a school of salmon moving up your arm.

Biomechanical tattoos are limited solely by your imagination. Show us what you are.