Tattoos defining in outline is: “Pictures or symbols painted on the surface of the skin”, or in  other words can also be interpreted as an “art in merajah body”. The word tattoo itself as historically originated from the Tahitian language: “Ta-Ta-tu or tau” which supposedly means giving incision marks or symbols. In every country in the world  each have a different spelling and language designation for the tattoo, like our country Indonesia, for example, we refer to it as the word; “Tattoos or Rajah,” and also in other countries, including; the English call it the “Tattoo”, Danish “Tatovering”, Norwegian “Tatovering”, Swedish “Tatuering”, Germany “Tätowierung”, French “Tatouage”, Italian “Tatuággio”, Spanish “Tatuaje”, Dutch “Tatoeage”, Brazilian, “Tatuagem”, Finnish, “Tatuointi”, Polish “Tatuaz”, Hawaiian “cocoa”, Portuguese “Tatuagem,” Lithuanian “Tatiuruote,” Estonian “tätoveering”, Inuktitut “Tunniit,” Slovenian “Tetoviranje”, Turkish “Dövme”, Hungarian “Tetoválás”, Japanese “Irezumi / Horimono “, Icelandic” húðflúr “, Greenlandic” Kakiorneq “, New Zealand (Maori)” Moko “, Polynesians in general” Where “,etc..
Many of the historical evidence about these tattoos were found. If examined from the roots of its history, the art of making tattoos can be said to be the oldest first born in ancient Egypt in 4000 BC. up to the experts conclude that the art in making this tattoo has been around since 12,000 years BC.
These conclusions were reinforced by the discovery of the human body that have been frozen on the ice mountains near the border between Austria and Italy in 1992 (see picture: The Iceman). Estimated the body had been aged over 5000 years, there were 58 strokes in body tattoos in the form of stripes. Indicates the art of making tattoos they had done at that time.
As Amunet community groups in Egypt and ancient tribes such as the Maya, Inca, Ainu, Maori Polynesians, ARTec, etc.. In the range of 4000-2000 BC, tattoos are part of the ritual that has value and functionality that are fairly high, and also used as a symbol of a person’s level of religiosity.
For example in New Zealand Maori tribal ritual make tattoos are spiral-shaped carvings on the face and buttocks. According to them, this is a good sign for the offspring. And it is also done by most people in the Solomon Islands, tattoo etched on her face as a ritual to mark a new stage in their lives.
The ancient Greeks wore tattoos as identification of members of their intelligence agencies, spies, aka the war at that time. Here the tattoos indicate the rank of the spy. Unlike the Romans, they wore tattoos as a sign that someone is coming from the class of slaves, they do so in order to distinguish the race of the nobles, and tattoos are also dirajahi to each body of the prisoner. The Nuer tribe in the Sudan using tattoos to mark rites of initiation in boys. The Indians paint and sculpt the body to increase the beauty of their skin or show a certain social status in his tribe.
Can be concluded Egyptian who became the mother of the world’s mushrooming Tattoos. In ancient times the Egyptians known as a strong nation, because their expansion to other nations make tattoo art is also widespread kesetiap countries, such as the area of Greek, Persian, and Arabic up to Asia.
Aka Wen Shen tattoo or Rajah began merambahi China around 2000 BC taon. Wen Shen said to mean “body acupuncture”. please note, just like the Romans, the ancient Chinese people use tattoos to indicate that someone had been imprisoned. While in China alone, there are tattoo culture in some ethnic minority, which has been inherited by their ancestors, such as ethnic Drung, Dai, and Li, but only the women who come from ethnic Li and Drung, who has obtained the habit of tattooing the face.
History of Tattoos customs Drung ethnic appeared around the end of Emperor Ming dynastic period (about 350 years ago), when they were attacked by a group of other ethnic groups and at the time they arrested some women from ethnic Drung to serve as slaves. In order to avoid the occurrence of rape, the woman is then tattooed their faces to make them look less attractive in the eyes of the kidnapper. Although it is now the women of the Drung ethnic minorities is no longer in a state threatened by attacks from other ethnic minorities, yet they still continue to maintain these customs as a symbol of strength maturity. The girls from Drung ethnic minorities face tattooed when they were aged between 12 and 13 years as a symbol of passage themselves. There are several different explanations, why the women are tattooed face. Some people say that the Drung ethnic considered women who had tattoos look more beautiful and the Drung ethnic Adam would not marry a woman who has no tattoos on his face.
In Indonesia Mentawai people in the Mentawai islands, the Dayak tribe in Kalimantan, and Sumba in NTB tribe, had known since ancient Tattoos. Mentawai Tribe for example, his tattoos are not made in vain. Before making tattoo done, there Enegaf aka Harvest initiation ceremony conducted in Puturkaf Uma (traditional house gallery Mentawai tribe). The ceremony was led by Sikerei (shaman). After the ceremony is completed, then the process of his tattoos done. Tattoos, for traditional Mentawai people, has many meanings, signs, and symbols. The degree of a person can be seen from the tattoo on his body. Rajah also can indicate a person’s ethnicity, number of families, as well as the achievements he has accomplished. Mentawai tattoo that looks static and strange proportions is a wealth of self for the wearer.

Make sure you get a pretty good reference on where Tattoos & Tattoo Galery Places which will make TATTOO-piercing, consult in advance with friends who may be more experienced in that regard.
Maintaining cleanliness is important, be sure to use sterile equipment, either needles, tubes, a tool which is made from plastic or made of stenlis.
At least 2 days before your tattoo mebuat you must make sure the condition of the body is stamina is very good or healthy. This is important because if the condition of the body in a state of less healthy then it can experience a variety of constraints in the manufacturing process.
Because there will be a lifetime TATTOO dibadan you, then you must make sure that the type and design TATTOO that you create. Do not be until after you feel does not match the TATTOO who has been stuck in your body. Maybe you’ve heard TATTOO can be deleted, but who also will cost more and are not 100% like the original skin. So you should really think about the design that suits you.

Because the tattoo done on the skin, then there is likely to have skin infections or other complications due to the actions of the body tattoos. Health risks that may occur are as follows:
  • Allergic reaction
Dyes used in tattoos, especially the red color can cause allergic skin reactions. As a result there will be itching at the area of the body ditattoo. It can even last for several years after tattooing the body is made.
  • Dermatitis
Creating a body tattoos can also cause local bacterial infection in the area of the body that made the tattoo. Symptoms are felt in case of infection are redness, swelling & pain and the presence of pus in the tattoo parlor is located.
Other skin problems, sometimes lumps called granulomas can occur in body areas in setira tattoo with color, especially red. Creating a tattoo can also cause the growth of tissue around the tattoo called keloids.
  • Communicable disease
If the equipment used to make the tattoo is contaminated with infected blood disease, the disease can also be entered into the blood. Diseases can be transmitted through blood include hepatitis B, hepatitis C, tetanus, and HIV infection that can cause AIDS.
  • Complications during MRI
Rarely, tattoos or permanent makeup may cause burning or swelling during examination with MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). In some cases, the pigment in the tattoo can also affect the quality of images produced during MRI.
When you experience an allergic reaction, skin infection or other skin problems, you should consult a doctor to get proper treatment. In some cases, even a tattoo removal procedure is required.