Biomechanical tattoos are reemerging. This extremely popular style of tattoo has been evolving since the 1980s. This form of tattooing portrays an enmeshing of the life with the mechanical. It gives what lurks beneath. The trompe l’oeil style (French for “trick of the eye” is an art technique that utilizes extremely realistic imagery to simulate a three-dimensional object.) lends itself to biomechanical tattoo pieces.

Visualize a small tear in your skin and instead of seeing flesh and blood you have a titanium skeleton, or mechanical levers where your tendons should be. Biomechanical tattoos show our hidden potential. They can show our true colors.

Some early inspiration for the style of biomechanical tattoos came from the art of illustrator H.R. Geiger. Geiger is a famous creature designer. Some of his more renowned creatures are showcased in the Alien series of movies. Geiger’s illustrations, usually dark, reflected in the coloring of early Bio-Mech tattoos. The most common colors for these early pieces were usually black and gray. They lent themselves to the robotic style of Geiger and allowed the tattooist to better blend the metal with flesh and give a realistic effect to the tattoo.

But times have changed and as our perception of ourselves matures so does our appreciation of the vibrancy life holds. We appreciate color and full color biomechanical tattoos are becoming extremely popular. These days we may have multicolored butterflies “in” our stomachs. A tiny tear in our skin could reveal the overwhelming intense light of our true spiritual being.

Biomechanical tattoos are a popular choice for large and small tattoos. The designs flow very well with the arm and are beautiful as half or full-sleeve pieces. They also do well as large pieces on the back, calves, and thighs. They are equally at home as discrete smaller tattoos; a small tattoo on the shoulder or chest that permits a “peek” at what you are really like inside can be incredibly sexy.

If you are thinking of getting your first tattoo maybe you’d like to give the rest of us a little sneak peek at what you are made up of. Maybe you have a creature under your skin trying to get out. Perhaps you are made up of plastic tubes and microchips, or cogs and wheels. Maybe there is a school of salmon moving up your arm.

Biomechanical tattoos are limited solely by your imagination. Show us what you are.