Let’s face it; cars are sexy. They are a symbol of raw, metallic power, excitement and adventure. Car tattoos can symbolize these things, or have a deeper meaning to the wearer. Maybe the first car you ever got became a symbol of freedom, independence — even a coming of age. Or maybe you are just an enthusiast. These are some of the major reasons people love this design.

Many car tattoos feature classic vintage cars. The sleek and stylish design of these vehicles can be easily translated into tattoo art, either on its own or in a scene. They can be seen speeding down the road in a blaze of fire, in a vast city setting or with a pinup model draped over it.

One of the fantastic things about this image is the interesting mechanical design, which can easily be morphed into some remarkable figures. For instance, creating an almost steampunk motif with the inner workings of a car; or a robotic and futuristic figure with the body. Racing depictions are also quite common in car tattoos. Many of these images feature hot rod cars and are set in the 1950′s style. Race car enthusiasts might even use the image of their favorite car brand or racing symbol.

Like many other tattoos, it is not unusual for a person to mix symbols. For example, a picture of a relative who had an affinity for a certain type of car; or a mythological, biblical or fictional character racing around in a powerful machine.

One of the more interesting designs is creating a sort of automotive collage. This style is usually quite large and is best placed on a broad area. It can feature many different elements pertaining to the car you choose as well as the inside, outside and other important symbols.

Car tattoos can mean many things to many people, but the feeling one gets from driving in a fast, powerful car is unmistakable and easily expressed with a unique and bold tattoo.