When most people think of bikers, they think of the menacing biker Tattoos gangs. There is no doubt that over the years there has sprouted a rather romantic image of what a biker is, but the truth is, these outlaws only make up about 1% of bikers, while the rest are simply enthusiasts. But from the overblown rumors of biker gangs, it is understandable why a lot of people are a bit leery when it comes to biker Tattoos. But to the abundance of enthusiasts, biker Tattoos are merely an expression of the exhilaration and freedom they feel from the open road.
One of the most popular of biker tattoos is the brand logo. Many people like to use them to express their preference, and a good deal of them use the Harley Davidson logo. These are often surrounded by other recognizable idols such as wings, flames and occasionally even flags. You can also create a badge design with all of the symbols available. A snake wrapped around a flaming skull is a good example of this.
You can also create a scene with these images. A portrait of a young man or woman lounging against a motorcycle; a skeletal figure leaning into the handlebars as he barrels down the road, leaving a trail of fire behind him. Many people also favor the use of a scantily clad pinup model in their biker Tattoos. These figures add a contrast of soft sensuality to the raw power of the machine that they are draped over.
Many of the Tattoos you see worn freely today got their start as biker tattoos. Looking at it that way it should be easier to understand and appreciate these designs, not to mention make them your own.