For many people, Dolphin Tattoos may symbolize several things; wisdom, freedom and even a love for the open waters. Women and men everywhere are beginning to take a great liking to this design, especially those who have an affinity for the ocean and all the life within it.
One of the most popular images for dolphin tattoos is the appearance of a dolphin leaping forth from a spray of water. One interesting variation to this device is giving a portion of the skin the look of an undulating body of water, while the head of the dolphin appears to push its way through the surface.
Dolphin tattoos may also showcase an assortment of symbols and patterns. Rather than using realistic waves, you can include blue tribal designs, or even scrollwork waves. There is a variety of symbolism that can be used, such as dolphins encircling a globe within a tide pool; bicolored dolphins enmeshed to create a yin yang symbol; or even a Celtic knot, with three tails joined in the center. Boldly colored dolphins can also create a unique heart emblem, with fins meeting, bodies curved and noses touching in the appearance of a kiss.
Dolphin tattoos are frequently seen in a cartoon style. However, some people prefer to use a more realistic approach and create something akin to a portrait. For those with a more scientific interest, recreating the anatomical structure that can be seen in nearly any marine biology book may make for a unique take on dolphin tattoos. The divergent skeletal structure of these creatures may also make for an interesting twist on both dolphin and skeletal tattoos.
Given that many people get dolphin tattoos because of a personal bond or attraction they feel with them, you may also use the ‘man and beast’ style of art. This could be depicted as a human swimming in step with this mammal, or the fusion of the swimming man with the dolphin; either man becoming dolphin, or vice versa.
So whether your fondness for this design is due to aesthetic interest, or it is because of a more personal link, dolphin tattoos will show your engaging spirit and remain a reminder to enjoy your life and your freedom.