Lower back tattoos look really sensual on women, as they highlight a woman’s beautiful curvature. The gorgeous curves and graceful feminine shape of a woman’s body seem to meet at the lower back area. There is nothing more hot than intricate and exquisite lower back tattoos on a woman. Lower back tattoos are one of the most beautiful adornments on any woman’s body. Lower back tattoos are sometimes shaped in such a way, that it accentuates the hourglass figure of a woman.
What makes lower back tattoos so popular in women, is their location on a woman’s body. Lower back is the widest part of a female body and provides an excellent space for large tattoo designs. You may consider getting name tats, tribal tattoos, butterfly tattoos, flower tattoos and even princess crown tattoos on your lower back. Often, lower back tattoos in females are associated with promiscuousness and raunchy culture, which is absolutely wrong. In my point of view, a tattoo is a tattoo, a beautiful form of body art, and location should not be a barrier in art, because art knows no limits. If lower back tattoos are aesthetically and tastefully done, they can not just look beautiful but they can also look stunningly artistic on a woman’s beautiful body!
Lower Back Tattoos for Women :
Butterfly Lower Back Tattoos
Butterfly lower back tattoos are one of the most popular lower back tattoos for women. The intricate design of a butterfly with a horizontal flower wine or wings design, inked with the right colors and hues, simply makes the most gorgeous body art adornment on a woman. There are many different styles in which you can design a butterfly lower back tattoo for yourself. You can add exotic design of a flower vine around the butterfly tattoo design. A butterfly tattoo on a woman’s lower back signifies her grace, beauty and delicacy. More on butterfly lower back tattoos.
Princess Crown Lower Back Tattoos
The second most popular choice of lower back tattoo designs for women is the princess crown tattoo. One of my personal favorites, a princess crown tattoo is best suited on a girl’s lower back, as it represents the princess-like life of a girl and that’s exactly what makes it an elegant design for lower back tattoos. If you are one of those girls who loved fairy tales and Barbie dolls, princess crown tattoos are for you! Princess crown tattoos can be made on the entire lower back, as these are large tattoo designs. You can get a beautiful diamond tiara inked on your lower back. To get more exotic ideas on princess crown tattoos for lower back, read on princess crown tattoos. Ask your tattoo artist to make use of colors like purple, orange, red, pink and green for a sexy look.
Flower Vine Lower Back Tattoos
Flower vine lower back tattoos are truly feminine designs for tattoos and body art. Flower tattoos and vines are long and delicate. The length of a flower vine is what makes it look delicate and sexy. Lower back seems to be the perfect place to get a flower vine tattoo design, as a long horizontal flower vine, using exquisite colors can be inked here. The appeal of a delicately beautiful flower vine on a woman’s lower back, just above her hip line, is simply sultry and seducing. You can also think of combining it with other designs like hearts and angels, if you wish to have a really large lower back tattoo. Read on vine tattoo designs on back
Celtic Lower Back Tattoos
Celtic lower back tattoos can never be considered promiscuous, as they usually have a very deep religious meaning behind them. Celtic knot and Celtic cross tattoos are one of the most meaningful designs for lower back. You may consider combining a Celtic design tattoo with a name below or above it. A name of a loved one above or below a Celtic tattoo design is a true symbol of love and respect for a person. Lower back tattoos with names can be inked in many different fonts and scripts. If you are in a relationship, you can consider tattooing his/her name on your lower back. You may combine it with a Celtic symbol for a deeper meaning. More on lower back tattoos with name.
Other Exotic Lower Back Tattoo Designs
Lower back tattoos are undoubtedly seductive. You can think of getting a pierced heart tattoo on your lower back. Koi tattoo designs and dragon tattoos for women can also be strategically placed on your lower back. These tattoos are large in size and therefore, these designs can be easily made on your lower back. Read more on:
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Another amazing lower back tattoo design could be, an angel tattoo. You can consider a female angel and ask your tattoo artist to ink wings of a butterfly around her, to make it an angel with butterfly wings picture. This design would look beautiful if your tattoo artist does it intricately. A dolphin, a mermaid and nautical stars are some more options for lower back tattoos.
Lower back tattoos are gorgeous and it gives an erotic and sensual effect on a woman’s body. You can get any of the above designs or design your own tattoo for the lower back. What I think is, the myth that lower back tattoos are for promiscuous women, should not hold you back from getting one. If a lower back tattoo has a capability of expressing something graceful, why should such myths be given importance to? After all, people who love tattoos are usually free-spirited. Whatever designs you decide upon for lower back tattoos, make sure they have a meaning, because meaningful tattoos on a woman’s lower back would never give a promiscuous appeal.
Having said that, I would like to take your leave. I hope, you liked the above ideas on lower back tattoo designs. Points to remember include, a certified tattoo artist, sterilized and sealed needles and safe tattoo inks. If you already have a lower back tattoo on your body or in your mind, you may share the designs with us. Lower back tattoos will always make you feel beautiful and sensual by their mere presence. Let’s make them symbols of beauty, grace, delicacy and a woman’s sensuality.