The phases of the moon are said to have a large effect on the Earth. The moon governs the tides and is said to have an impact on people’s emotions. It also illuminates the night and guides lost travelers. Finally, the simplicity and beauty of the moon makes it an exquisite sight to behold. For all of these reasons, moon tattoos have become a significant, yet unique image for tattoo and astronomy enthusiasts alike.
One of the great things about moon tattoos is their protean nature. You not only have many options in the design itself, but the phase in which you would like to represent. Perhaps you would like a large, full moon; or maybe a small crescent. You can use a partially shadowed moon, or a dark new moon.
As for designs, the possibilities are practically endless. What type of moon would you prefer? A more stoic image, like the Aztec moon; or something more cartoonish, like a half moon with a large grin and protruding nose?
Armband tattoos are a great option, each portion can depict the different phase in the moon cycle. You can also show the image of the moon in motion with stars trailing behind it.
A lot of people also like to use the image of the moon and sun in an intimate embrace. You can also use many fantasy figures such as fairies, dragons or one of the many moon goddesses (such as Diana, Mawu of Selene).
There are also many vintage and Victorian images that can be used for moon tattoos. Many of these feature a broad, round, content face. But there are several that feature cherubic angels and sweet young women lounging along the length of a crescent moon.
There are many moon tattoos to choose from, and a lot of room to get creative. Be sure that whatever you decide, it is something that will always has significance for you.