The sun is the most precious source of light, growth and warmth. It provides us with clarity after a shadowy night and protection from all the things that lurk in darkness. For these reasons alone, sun tattoos can make a deep impact. But these are not the only reasons a person would choose such a design. The sun, much like its astral brethren, carries a good deal of mythology, symbolism and intrigue with it.
The sun god can be seen in nearly every culture throughout history. One of the more popular depictions, however, is the Greek god Helios. Helios is not only god of the sun, but the sun itself. This image can be beautifully translated into tattoo art. sun tattoosThe story goes that Helios drove a chariot led by four fire breathing horses every day, thus lighting up the sky. This image can be done in bright and bold colors, or black and white; it can be done in a classic painting style, or in a more modern illustration.
The beauty of sun tattoos is not only the simplicity of shape, but the potential for adaptability in design. For instance, you could try a monotone antique woodblock, or a colorful Celtic mosaic. You can mix symbols to tell a personal story; the sun blossoming from the stem of a rose to symbolize burgeoning love, or glowing behind a religious symbol to show the warmth one gets from their personal faith.
A very popular sun design is the tribal style. Tribal sun tattoos are usually very simple, using minimal colors (most frequently black, reds and occasionally blues), and sharp, clean lines. Although these are most often seen as a simple circle with jagged points jutting from it, there are a few other ways to utilize this style. For instance, you could use something a little softer, creating sun rays that look more like watery waves. You can also include a face or symbol in the body of the sun.
Sun tattoos can be light hearted and simple, or deeply meaningful and highly elaborate. However you so choose to depict this ancient and extraordinary symbol, you will be certain to make a fantastic statement.